Purchase a PCWA bracelet to be automatically entered to win one of two  prizes!  Supplies ARE limited and we will not be making another purchase!

First prize is an 1853 Enfield musket!!

Second prize is a loaded knapsack with bedroll, cartridge box, cap box, belt, bayonet and scabbard! Included with all of that are custom made paper cartridges from Brett Gibbons! DO NOT miss this rare opportunity to get your hands on over $2000 worth of necessary re-enacting gear!!

** PLEASE NOTE** All sales are final! In the event the re-enactment is delayed or canceled, we will still conduct the giveaway and the items will be delivered as promised. Sales will continue until all stock is sold. Once stock has been depleted, an announcement will be made. If stock is not sold by the time of the event, remaining stock will be offered at the event and a drawing will be held at the event on a day and time to be specified. Thank you!

Please share to all of your groups and pages! Supplies will not last long, so get yours now!!